You work your ass off.  We've got the servingware that works hard for you.
Durable - Dishwashable - Oven-safe Stackable - Beautiful
We've designed these pieces specifically for your kitchen. Pieces that fit nicely together and into your equipment. A clay body that can withstand a little banging around. The natural properties of ceramic that keep hot dishes hot, cold drinks cold and pie crusts flaky. All the while,
our work quietly reflects the essence of your artistry 
Let's get together! Being that what you do is unique, and what we do is unique, there's no form to fill out or boxes to check to define the magic we can make together. Like all good relationships, the best way to get started is to get to know each other. Email or call us about your interest and we can get the conversation rolling. 


 All forms shown are available in any of our glazes -
scroll to bottom for glaze swatches, sizing specs and pricing 
SERVING PIECES trays that fit nicely into sheet trays, will safely stay warm in the hot box. Family style pieces that are versatile and beautiful. Available in any of our glazes (trays not available in Patina).
handmade serving tray

Four Long Trays fit a sheet tray. 

Pot Kettle Black, Harvest Gold, Farmhouse White

Up to four Mini Trays rest in the Long Trays 

Pot Kettle Black, Harvest Gold, Farmhouse White

handmade serving tray

Pot Kettle Black + Farmhouse White 

Long Trays

Farmhouse White 

Long Tray + Rice Bowls

Pot Kettle Black Large Serving Dish

+ Farmhouse White Mini Bowls

Farmhouse White 

12" Large Serving Dish

handmade pie plate

Van Gogh

9" Medium Serving Dish

handmade bowls
BOWLS so many bowls...salad bowls, noodle bowls, pasta bowls, cereal bowls, rice or ice cream bowls, mini bowls. Choose from our standards, or pitch us a specific size you need (no guarantees, but we're willing to talk). 

Large Serving Bowl great for salad, pasta, family style. Farmhouse White

L to R - Mini bowls, Cereal Bowls, Rice Bowls, Pasta Bowls

Patina, Farmhouse White, Pot Kettle Black

Noodle Bowl

Farmhouse White

handmade bowl

Pasta Bowl

Pot Kettle Black

handmade bowls

A collection of Farmhouse White + Pot Kettle Black bowls

TIME FOR A DRINK we'll hold drinks of all kinds, from water to wine. Our pitchers pour cleanly, even the diners have noticed. 
handmade stemless wineglass

Stemless wineglasses that do wine, cocktails, water, whatever. L to R Patina, Wildflower, Van Gogh, Harvest Gold, Farmhouse White, Pot Kettle Black

Mug Collection

L to R - Straight Mug in Patina, Summer Mug in Pot Kettle Black and Winter Mug in Harvest Gold


Harvest Gold, Patina, Farmhouse White

PIE PLATES makes a better pie and looks better doing it. Flakier crusts, even baking and hands down prettier than glass or tin. They also make for great serving dishes and stack easily. Available in 6", 9" and 12" fluted and unfluted.

Small, Regular + Large Pie Plate

Patina, Yellow, Farmhouse White

handmade pie plate

9" Fluted Pie Plate


handmade pie plate

9" fluted and stacked

Wildflower, Farmhouse White, Harvest Gold, Patina

MORE what else we got...

handmade dishes

Dinner plate, pasta bowl, cereal bowl, stemless wineglass in Pot Kettle Black

handmade dishes

Dinner plate, lunch plate, pasta bowl, cereal bowl, rice bowl, stemless wineglass in Farmhouse White

handmade dishes

Dinner plate, lunch plate, cereal bowl, stemless wineglass in Van Gogh


each glaze is food safe and lead free

we revel is the spectrum of color of each glaze, every kiln fire dances every so uniquely creating the color, our glazes are not exact









let's talk give us a call at 608-588-2195 or contact us below with some of your initial ideas