cait + Miguel

Welcome! Thanks for taking this winding road of wedding registry.

Below are the items included in the lovely couple's wish list.

Please fill out the form below to send us a quick email listing any items you'd like to purchase for them.

From there, we will get it handmade and handed over to Cait + Miguel when they come to pick up their set.

We will send an invoice to your email which you can pay securely online or send us a check in the mail.

We also welcome you to include a note for the couple that we will handwrite and deliver to them.

3 of 6 Dinner Plates gifted - 3 remain

Farmhouse White

$39 each

3 of 6 Pasta Bowls gifted - 3 remain 

Farmhouse White

$35 each

0 of 1 Medium Serving Dish - 1 remain

Farmhouse White (pictured here in Van Gogh)


0 of 6 Lunch Plates gifted - 6 remain

Farmhouse White

$35 each

0 of 1 Large Serving Bowl gifted - 1 remain

Farmhouse White


1 of 1 Large Pie Plate gifted - 0 remain

Farmhouse White 

$50 each


any amount you choose

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